Flip Broken iPhones And Earn Hundreds A Day!: How to Make A Fortune Flipping Iphones Online

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The global smartphone audience surpassed the 1 billion mark in 2012. Smartphone users now total more than 1.75 Billion Worldwide. It is estimated that more than 4.55 billion people worldwide are currently using cell phones. Many of these new users are coming from the developing regions of Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. By 2017 mobile phone penetration will rise from 61.1% to 69.4% of the global population according to a new eMarketer report.

I have never been one to advocate leaping from a regular job into starting a business.

But generating additional cash, while working your regular gig, that’s just smart. The cell phone industry, more specifically the "cult-like" iPhone fans, offer you a chance to make incredibly decent money on the side – without jeopardizing your 9 to 5 (or its benefits package).

Of course, if you don’t have a benefit package at your job (are a commissioned, or part-time, worker) that’s even more reason to jump into flipping broken iPhones.
It may be hard for you to believe but incredible money is being made by people, just like you, selling broken iPhones online. Sure regular iPhones sell by the tons every week online. But there are licensing, distribution, and the expense involved selling new iPhones. Making money from broken iPhones avoid all of these issues and can generate some of the easiest, and quickest, money you have ever made online. Now you can discover exactly how to do it.

Topics covered:

Where to get your iPhones
Why sell broken iPhones
Understanding ESN
Jailbreaking your iPhone
Avoid making these mistakes
Checking for water damage
Checking for blacklisted models
Fast research techniques
Where to get parts
Great places to sell your iPhone
Getting the most money

Don’t stand on the sidelines. Start adding this new source of income to your life right now!

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