Flip It

Price: $12.95
(as of Jun 28,2021 16:34:15 UTC – Details)

Flip It is the only office supply item of its kind. Flip It has an adhesive strip on the bottom of the unit so it becomes stationary when in use. Flip It to the status of your where-abouts when you leave your work station. Flip It has 9 color coded cards; the main card, for when you are at your work station, a MEETING, BREAK, LUNCH, VACATION, OUT OF OFFICE, CONFERENCE CALL, DO NOT DISTURB and a WHITE BOARD card.. If a co-worker is out sick, simply Flip It to OUT OF OFFICE for them. Fellow employees and supervisors will no longer ask you where you were or where a co-worker is, if everyone is using Flip It! Contact us for bulk orders and bulk shipping charges. There is a restocking fee for returns. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

Flip It, at work. NOTE THE SIZE: cards/tiles are credit card size.
Flip It – Finally a universal way to notify co-workers of your where-abouts.
Attach Flip It to a stationary object such as a desk, or cubicle wall frame.
Flip It is color coded to denote each status, so you can see the status from afar.
Flip It – Not available in stores. Patent Pending.

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