For Strippers Only: How to Get in, Learn the Ropes, and Exit with a Million Dollars

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Dancing for money can be lucrative and fun way to make money.

And, if you’re smart about your career as a stripper at a club, you could even walk away a millionaire. But, the common pitfalls of a dancing for a living can also ruin your life if you don’t know how to avoid them.
In For Strippers Only, veteran stripper Talita Catto cracked the code to make more money as a dancer. Combining her own story with enlightening tips and advice, Talita offers new and ready-to-retire dancers insight into:

  • The business of stripping – and why you need planning, preparation, and the right partnerships.
  • Making thousands of dollars in a night with tourists and holidays, and knowing the best days and times to work for maximum cash.
  • Avoiding the common trappings of fast cash (like drugs, purses, and fancy clothes).
  • Taking care of your product – your body.
  • The power of a VIP list and the power of observation to increase your earnings.

If you want to be a stripper and make a million dollars you need to know the business and have a plan to succeed. You’ll get both and more after reading For Strippers Only.

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