Forget Grant Cardone: Passive Income for Normal People.

How do you START earning passive income in real estate? BY STARTING. You have to get IN to start making money in real estate. This video is for the watchers who haven’t stepped IN yet; it’s for the millions of Americans who desire passive income, but struggle with the overwhelming amount of information that leads to indecision and ultimately ZERO passive income. What’s the best thing to do? Do watch and learn from investors like Grant Cardone, but FORGET notions that you have to have $80,000+ ready to go to “start your business.” There’s a DIFFERENT WAY, and it only takes 5% down.

5% down, is that like wholesaling or some gimmick? NO. It’s done every single day. You just need to know about it.

I’m by no means saying this is the best way, but it’s a VERY ACCESSIBLE way to attain passive income with little money. I’m a real estate broker and I operate 2 companies, a real estate brokerage and a construction company. I think YouTube is a community for sharing ideas and the thought of viewers getting discouraged from buying real estate due to the fear that they need to amass $80,000 or 20% down saddened me. So here’s my version.

P.S. This isn’t to slam Grant. Grant has great ideas and I enjoy watching his videos. This is just a different perspective.

If you have feedback or questions, ASK in the comments: I try to answer every comment. Sometimes I’m slower to respond, but I do try to get back to you. Remember, I do operate 2 companies too and those take up the vast majority of my time in addition to the family I’m so grateful to have (and we’re about to grow it within a week with another boy!).

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