From Hair to Eternity: How to Get Your Business Online

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From Hair to Eternity- How to Get Your Business Online

This is certainly a gift for all small business owners!

Meet Marilyn, she transformed her small hairdressing business into a Super Salon and a money making machine. How? By setting up an ecommerce website, she was able to:

  • Stream-line her business
  • Make online appointments
  • Employ staff
  • Sell beauty products online
  • Collect payments online (Integrate delivery services via USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • Stream YouTube videos
  • Display professional pictures of her salon and services offered
  • Build a large customer database using email marketing
  • Advertise to a larger audience…

…Thus growing her business EXPONENTIALLY. This true-to-life story can be applied to any business model. Learn Marilyn step by step process…

If you don’t understand anything about web hosting, WordPress, website builders, domain name registration, search engine optimization and the overall cost to build a simple business website, Marilyn’s story will make it simple and easy to understand.

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