Gap Option Strategy – Part 1

A lot of option traders stop generating ideas about how to trade options especially gap options. In this video, I will share with you a strategy on options
that you can try in virtual account. The idea is to see how good or bad it will be after getting the result.
Let say we buy on Monday 23 April 2018 one call and one put option contracts today. All these contract are out of the money. That means we buy only the time to the expiration date.
Let say on Wednesday morning we have Twitter Earning news. We have the assumption that there may be a gap up or a gap down.
The call option price is at $1.46 at strike 33.
The put option price is at $1.14 at strike 29.
This is part one. On Wednesday night if God wills I will make a video stating the results and my opinion. Stay tuned. Thanks
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