Global Domains International Review – Is GDI Legit?

Global Domains International is a multi level network marketing company that has been around for over 10 years, but what is the truth about it? In this article I will be giving you a full review about Global Domains International and explaining my own personal experience with them.

About 5 months ago I joined Global Domains International because I saw the massive earning potential of it but what I achieved and what I wanted to achieve were 2 very different things! About 2 months into Global Domains International I managed to build a downline of around 50 people giving me a monthly income of $40 minus the $10 a month fee which wasn’t bad considering I was earning it from home but it was far from the big bucks. The power of duplication is the key to success with Global Domains International and if everyone on your team was to get just 5 people then in a few months time your downline could total over $3000 a month which is a very nice income from your computer but the real question is ”How hard can it be to get 5 signups?”

Well it can either be extremely easy or very hard and I had the problem of it being very hard because I rushed in there with out reading any Global Domains International reviews and ended up signing up with a team which gave me little or no support at all and after a few months my 50 people downline slowly began to fall apart.

As I said before duplication is the key to success and its extremely important that you sign up with the right team and make sure that they have all the tools, equipment and training to duplicate their success. After my downline fell below 10 people I was no longer in profit so I eventually quit but then a few months after that I came across the AshMax marketing system and saw that it had potential to really build a successful Global Domains International business. My team is growing faster than it ever did before and the best part about it is that it’s not just me bringing in signups! My team have mastered the training and are turning into recruiting machines!

Another great way to earn quick and fast money with Global Domains International is the GDI bonuses. For every 5 people that you bring into the business between Monday and Sunday you get a $100 bonus and take your position on the leader boards for that week. Everyone dreams of getting on those GDI world leader boards and earning huge bonuses but at the same time building there monthly residual income and it really is possible! All you need is the right training, support and equipment to follow in our success and get on those leader boards!

You really can make big money with Global Domains International and start receiving those fat monthly pay-checks you just need the right sponsor and system. More info about the Ashmax marketing system at my website below….

Source by Paul James Strachan

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