Glow-ON Original Color Super Phosphorescent Gun Night Sights Paint Small 2.3 ml Vial. Concentrated Super Bright Long Lasting Glow.

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Product Description

glow-on brand logo with slogan, serious glow paint for serious users.glow-on brand logo with slogan, serious glow paint for serious users.

Various vials with Glow-On inside, in three sizes and eight different colorsVarious vials with Glow-On inside, in three sizes and eight different colors

Concentrated phosphorescent paint for the serious hobbyist

Glow-On is available in 2.3 ml, 4.6 ml, and 9.2 ml vials. A small dot of paint on top of the vial cap serves as a reference.

8 colors available: Blue, Aqua Green, Original, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink

Glowing circles of glow paint

Glowing circles of glow paint

firearms with glow in the dark sights

firearms with glow in the dark sights

Fishing lure with glow marks

Fishing lure with glow marks

Bead work which glows in the dark

Bead work which glows in the dark

Opaque, it covers dark surfaces

Glow-on is opaque, it covers dark surfaces perfectly.

We added fluorescent reflective dyes to make it super visible an highly efficient also in daylight and under UV lamps.

Glow-on is not radioactive.

Great for gun sights

The perfect and affordable solution for plain iron sights, hard to find hardware or spent tritium sights.

Works great on all type of firearms, airsoft, bows and crossbows as well.

It withstands extreme conditions

After it dries and cures Glow-on is water and weatherproof.

It will withstand extreme low and high temperatures and will adhere to most surfaces, except rubbery or oily ones.

Works on most surfaces

Glow-On works great on all metallic, bone, wood, and glass material.

Glow-On dries in a couple of hours. Adherence becomes permanent after it has cured for a few days.

Small vial of Glow-On phosphorescent paintSmall vial of Glow-On phosphorescent paint

Glow gun sights on a two firearmsGlow gun sights on a two firearms

An easy and affordable upgrade.

Glow-On is the easiest, most affordable, and efficient upgrade for all types of gun sights. It turns regular gun sights into glow-in-the-dark gun sights.

No change in hardware is required.

It can be applied in just a few minutes.

Once it dries and cures it is weatherproof.

Impervious to hi and low temperatures.

Glow-On is not radioactive.

The Serious Glow Paint for Serious Users.

Glow-On Super Phosphorescent paint for professional applications.

Superior glow, easy application, it dries fast. Glow-On is water-based, non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-flammable environmentally safe.

Instructions included with each vial.

Expose Glow-On for a few seconds to a bright source of light to charge it. Energy is slowly released in the form of afterglow.

Main uses Gunsights, Fishing lures, Small Electronics, Arts & Crafts, Scale Modeling, Photography, Camping Equipment, etc.

Non toxic, non radioactive, non flammable.

Water based binder, no bad smells.

It sticks to all rigid surfaces: Glass, metals, rock, etc.

Easy to apply.

gun sights and fishing lure transition from light to darknessgun sights and fishing lure transition from light to darkness

Glow-On absorbs energy from any source of light, natural or artificial and it releases it in the form of glow for an extended period of time.

This cycle can be repeated indefinitely for the median life of the product which is 15 years without any loss of efficiency.

instructions; load paint, transfer paint, let it dry.instructions; load paint, transfer paint, let it dry.

Easy to apply, easy to use

1 Load a bead of paint with the wooden applicator.

2 Transfer the bead of paint to any clean surface to build small dots of paint, adding more paint to increase size. Drag the dots of paint to make lines.

3 Let it dry, permanent adhesion is achieved after it cures for a few days.

Our most popular, Glow-On Original*Gun Sights Paint, 2.3 ml vial presentation. Included is a glass vial with a ‘glow dot for reference’ on the cap, Instructions sheet, and applicator included, all packed in a zip bag and staple/closed with a cardboard description label with extra instructions on the back of it. *Glow-On Original has a Super Bright Glow and fluorescent Yellowish/White color. Please mix the paint well before each use.
First-time buyer? Get the GLOW-ON ORIGINAL has the brightest glow. Available in 8 different colors: Original (Super Bright glow) Green, Aqua, Yellow, (Bright glow) Orange, Red, (Medium glow) Blue and Pink (Soft glow).
Super Concentrated: Twice the glow particles than the competition and half the amount of binders. Professional grade. Super opaque, it covers dark surfaces. It contains its own primer. dries in a few hours, and cures after a couple of days. The glow cycle can be repeated infinitely for a period of 15 years
‘No mess’ water-based formula, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-radioactive, environmentally safe. Easy to apply and ready to use! Instructions and applicator included. The perfect fallback strategy for when lasers and red dots batteries die. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.
100% Guaranteed to work, or your money back: If you are not completely satisfied with the product we offer a returnless refund for up to 25 days after you received it. Glow-On ships directly from the manufacturer: Glow-On Inc. Made in the US. Glow-On is a legally registered trademark mark in the US.

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