GO REMOTE! for creative minds – How to work location independent & start living a fulfilling life: With proven strategies from successful remote workers.

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For Digital Nomads, Home Office Fans, and Remote Workers

Work from anywhere in the world in a job you love!

Are you a creative spirit, or a person who loves to write? Are you looking for a job that fulfills you and allows you to work remotely? Because you want more flexibility and freedom in your life. Because you want to be the boss of your workplace and schedule. Do not look any further. This book is for you!

Be inspired by real-life people who already live a remote lifestyle and love every minute of it. In more than 25 exclusive interviews, these people reveal to you how they got started, what they do to make money online, and how long it took them to earn their first $1,000 with their remote jobs. Moreover, you are provided with a handy starter tool kit that contains carefully selected tools to boost your entry to the world of remote work.

Choose your preferred remote job from over 35 creative professions and embark on a career that is independent of your location. GO REMOTE! for creative minds is perfect for you if you want to start your own business, become a freelancer, or want to work in a salaried position for a remote company with a distributed team.

Gone are those never-ending office days. Say goodbye to traffic jams and unnecessary commuting. Living a location-independent life means being as free and self-determined as possible. Why not explore the Brazilian rain forest over winter, or travel to Thailand to enjoy its beautiful beaches? Why not work from the comfort of your cozy home and spend more time with your family that you otherwise see only on weekends?

With the right kind of job and a good strategy, this is no longer a dream, but a possibility that is real. Why wait any longer? Take your first step now and gain control over your life!

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