Good Question!, Hilarious Question and Answer Party Game for Teens and Adults

Price: $10.92 - $9.55
(as of May 05,2021 09:06:40 UTC – Details)

Play the Good Question! game and turn your Alexa-enabled device (not included) into the life of the party! The goal of the game is simple: prompt Alexa to say the word on your card without saying the word yourself. Play casually and ask questions from five categories of cards like “5 Second Shout,” “Streak,” or “Impossibles.” Or, for the complete experience, play using the game board (included). Ask questions like: “Alexa, what are synonyms for cross-country?” or “Alexa, who sings Hound Dog?” and get Alexa to say the word on your card. Every time Alexa says the word on your card, move one space forward on the board. Be the first player to make it all the way around the board and you’ll be the Good Question Master! This hilarious party game is perfect for two to six players. It’s sure to get every player giggling as they ask Alexa sillier and sillier questions. Will you get Alexa to say the winning words? There’s only one way to find out: play the Good Question Game!

ALEXA-BASED PARTY GAME: Turn your Alexa-enabled device into the life of the party with Good Question! This party game gets everyone laughing as each player competes to ask clever questions and get winning responses from Alexa!
EASY TO PLAY: The object of the game is simple: get Alexa to say the world on your game card without saying the word yourself. Easy to pick up, new players can quickly learn how to play this party game!
PARTY GAME FOR TEENS AND ADULTS: The Good Question! game is great for family game nights with older kids, teen parties or even adults-only game night!
Good Question! is an interactive party game for 2-6 players aged 13 and older. (Alexa-enabled device not included)
Includes: 250 Cards, 6 Movers, 1 Board, (Alexa-enabled device not included)

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