goTele GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee No Network Required Mini Portable Off-Grid Real Time GPS Tracking Device for Outdoor Hiking, Hunting, Kids and Pets Tracker (2 Pack)

Price: $199.00
(as of Jun 30,2021 21:23:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description

​goTele is an off-grid outdoor tracking device specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and their friends, families, and pets to experience safe and exciting adventures. Everyone can check all (at most 30) group members’ real-time positions and trajectories in one map , communicate with each other by sending SMS texts, send SOS signals in an emergency, etc – all without using any smartphone service and data!

Important Note: goTele gps tracker needs at least two devices to use.


Using scenes with user feedbacks:

Mountaineering Guide

I am a Mountaineering Guide in Sweden,goTele helps us to manage the entire team, and the displaying of each member’s real-time position tracking makes me feel the team is under control all the times, which is really fantastic!


Kids GPS for Holiday

I took my kids to spend holiday in the woods in Texas, and goTele allowed me to see where all the kids were in real time, and if gotele has the function to talk to each other, it would be perfect.

Nick Lloyd

Assistant for Hunting

I’m from Austria; goTele is really a good assistant for hunting! Its SMS function can keep quiet when communication and avoid frightening the prey. Particularly, the hidden antenna design is very suitable for goTele to be used on hunting dogs.

Edwin Hoffmann

Outdoor Team-tracking

I run an outdoor Airsoft Military Simulation Game Club in Bulgaria, and goTele offers almost the same team-tracking function as the army does in the simulation game, which makes it warmly welcomed by all our military enthusiasts.


Skiing Communicator

I used goTele devices when went skiing in Massachusetts, and it could communicate with my children in the mountains without mobile phone signals. goTele could also save our paths we made. It is very useful.

Raymond Khoo

Wild Field Expedition Helper

I am the Captain of the Paleontology Expedition Team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We used goTele for wild field scientific investigation and coordination in our work, and it greatly improved our work efficiency and ensured our safety. Thanks to goTele!

Doctor ZHANG

Pet Dog Tracking

I’m from Alaska. One day my pet dog snuck out, and the worst thing was that he fell into a snow pit, but fortunately I hung a goTele on it and easily found it back through the tracking record of goTele.

Edmund King Yee

Team Rescue Communicator

I am the Assistant Operation Director of the Maryland K9 rescue team in the United States. With goTele, we can track each member’s real-time position when the mobile phone signals are unstable. goTele really makes our search and rescue work smooth and convenient.

Jay M. King


【goTele Functions】Real-time Tracking, SOS, Geo-Fence, Off-line Map, Message, Waterproof,Shockproof,Anti-fall,Dust-proof.
【Applications】goTele gps tracker suitable for Outdoor, Hiking, Hunting, Wading,Boating,Fishing, Exploration, Camping, Climbing, Skiing, in harsh environments, perfect for keeping children,olders and pets Safe. You can use goTele gps tracker to monitor loved ones, pets, or anyone to keep them safe no matter where you are.
【Connection Distance】3-5km in suburb; 1-3km in downtown. It may be affected/disturbed by mountain terrain/weather/building/forest/electric equipment.
【Important Note 】goTele gps tracker compatible with iOS or Android devices, needs at least two devices to work, Package Including : 2 goTele gps devices

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