GreenBackStreet Review – Can GreenbackStreet Really Pay Out Up to 30%?

This GreenBackStreet review will be offering my perspective on whether it’s a scam, or legitimate opportunity for you to earn a solid income in the home based business industry.

GreenBackStreet is a new home based business company that just hit the market, and it sure looks like it’s going to attract some interest in this economy. The GreenBackStreet business model is trying to tap into the online shopping trend by offering up to 30% cash back on purchases from over 1,100 stores, it’s free to enroll and you can start receiving cash back on your purchases via check or Paypal. Sounds good so far right!

First let’s look at who else is working this cash back angle to grow a network marketing company. In the past few weeks a new social network call launched and combines social networking with a cash back opportunity+ a residual income, if people in your network signup for the gaming side of the business. The cost to signup is $250 + a monthly fee. EchoLoops doesn’t offer a 50% cash back match like GreenBackStreet to the upline sponsor which is a real plus.

Now, with over 4,800 network marketing companies out there looking to get your ATTENTION, how will GreenBackStreet become successful?

I this its easy to say GreenBackStreet has a opportunity to be HUGE if they can attract the right leaders and they can market the product the right way!

So what does GreenBackStreet have going for them so far:

1- They have no signup fee’s

2- Over 1,100 stores (and lots of stores we all use every week)

3- Cash back on your purchases

4- The ability to invite your friends and make a 50% cash back on their purchases.

At this point I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t make some part-time income with this company. However, if GreenBackStreet can tap into the big distributors, and recruit some talented people with great influence in the industry, it’s likely this company could explode. But it all rests in the hands of the distributors, no matter how great or in this case how simple your idea is.

I’ve seen a lot of good companies fail simply because they just don’t know how to market in the 21st century. The days of talking to everyone within 3′ of you just doesn’t work if you want to really succeed. In order to become a true entrepreneur you need to DEDICATE yourself to always be learning and expanding your knowledge of the industry. If you will SEEK knowledge to market your business like a professional, then you will have a major advantage over other GreenBackStreet reps.

Source by Brandy M Price

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