GRESSEL Swiss Precision Industrial Heavy Duty Bench Vise PS 125-1/4.9 inches with Serrated Jaws (PSM.125.000.01)

Price: $551.00
(as of Apr 06,2021 01:56:00 UTC – Details)

Manually driven backward opening bench vise. Encapsulated and protected spindle. Proven, robust, and wear resistant bench vise made from corrosion resistant durable spheroidal graphite. The optional lifter accessory allows the worker to address his workpiece at the optimal height and orientation, saving them time in the nearterm and physical pains in the longterm.

Proven, robust and wear resistant
Made from durable spheroidal grpahite or special cast iron, with serrated, smooth or prismatic jaws. For every clamping task, on the road, in the workshop or in the factory.
90º angled clamping device offers almost unlimited clamping ranges
Side offset construction also enables vertical clamping for round material up to 4″
With many accessories options

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