Hobby of Kings USSR Full Set: 9 Soviet Russian Coins KOPECKS + 5 Ruble BANKNOTES 1961 Collection

Price: $16.37
(as of Jun 09,2021 08:12:43 UTC – Details)

Original 9 collectible coins and 5 banknotes made in USSR! These old coins and banknotes were circulated for a long time. These USSR coins may have scratches, dirt or damage from oxidation but still in good condition. Great gift for Soviet money collector. These rubles and kopeks circulated in 1961 – 1991 years.

LOT OF 9 USSR COINS AND 5 BANKNOTES COLLECTION. This is the full set of all Soviet Union 8 kopeks and 1 ruble coin. All kopeks have a Communist symbol – Hammer and sickle. Soviet coins were circulated 1961-1991. Kopeks set: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 with 1 rouble coin. 5 Russian banknotes: 1 Ruble, 3 Rubles, 5 Rubles, 10 Rubles, 25 Rubles. These Russian banknotes will be 1961 years. All coins and banknotes are in good condition.
PERFECT FOR SMALL INVESTMENT INTO A SMALL PIECES OF HISTORY. These collectible coins and banknotes are not legal tender, which means that they can’t be used as foreign currency. The number of coins from around the world are decreasing and coin value is increasing every year. Don’t miss your chance to get real old foreign money and be the intelligent investor!
NO EXTREMELY WORN COINS FOR YOUR COIN COLLECTION! Please note, foreign coins were circulated for a long time and may have scratches, dirt or damage from oxidation but still in good condition. A mix of old coins may have different denominations, a condition of the coins and year may vary. It will only enrich your coin bank, coin holders and coin album.
THESE FOREIGN COINS COMES IN SEALED AND LABELED BAGS WITH NATIONAL ATTRIBUTES AND DECORATIONS. Good gift idea as coins for kids because it can be used as coins for games. Coin collectors can supplement coin album or coin holders with new coin sets. Good for educational projects to help children learn about other nations or just having the fun of sorting through a pile of world coins.
ADD TO YOUR COIN COLLECTION OR GIVE AS A SPECIAL GIFT. If you’d like to surprise a friend or relative with a unique gift for birthday, anniversary or wedding – world coins collection could be just the thing.

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