HOM ABA/OT Approved Step-by-Step 100% Sealed and Laminated 9X12″ Shower Chart. Ideal for Children with Autism or Special Needs. Helps with Teaching Self Care. PECS Charts, Visual Schedules, Aids

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HOM Charts help with early childhood development. Designed for Parents, by Parents of Children with Special Needs. 100% Sealed and Laminated so it can be put up safely in the shower. Help your children learn to shower on their own with our step-by-step system. As Parents of a Child with Autism, Charts and Schedules have been crucial in raising our children. Your child will enjoy following along and gain confidence as they learn to take care of themselves. Universal Charts are helpful for all Children not just those with Special Needs. Now parents can relax knowing they don’t have to complete every phase of showering with their Children as our system helps them to complete these tasks themselves. It is used in ABA and OT, and is a helpful tool for any Family. With HOM’s all new Step-By-Step Chart System Parents can be comforted as you see your Child grow in independence and confidence. We at HOM want to help other Families by using what has worked for ours. Bath/Shower time no longer has to be a long tedious event and can be one you and your child may even look forward to.

* INDEPENDENCE* With our easy to follow step by step laminated chart children can follow along with clear pictures with how to take care of themselves and what to do next.
*CONFIDENCE* Is built when your child can accomplish their own self care and complete tasks. Parents can feel confident knowing their child is growing and learning to take care of themselves
*FUN & EASY* With colorful fun pictures your child will enjoy learning and participating in what used to be difficult and time consuming.
*AUTISM* Designed and Developed for children with Autism and Special Needs or any family with young children learning to shower
*PEACE OF MIND* Rest easy knowing your child can take care of themselves and enjoy seeing them learn and achieve their goals.

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