Home Made Money: Jobs Without Borders

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Are you unemployed or underemployed? Have you been downsized, or has your job been outsourced? Have you been laid off or fired? Are you currently receiving unemployment benefits? Are your unemployment or worker’s compensation benefits about to end and you have no idea what you’re going to do to keep your family from going under? This book is definitely for you! If you’re waiting for jobs to come back, they’re not. It would take an act of congress to lower the unemployment rate and don’t expect them to act any time soon because unemployment doesn’t affect them. Face it, your dream job doesn’t exist. It’s up to you to create it and this book will show you how. This book was designed to be read in one sitting and is packed with information you can use immediately to start putting money is your bank account. Are you and entrepreneur with a great idea? Are you wondering how to get your business off the ground and put food on the table at the same time? This book is also for you! The Most exciting thing you get from this book is how to get money to fund your business. Not a loan or grant but how to get money that doesn’t need to be paid back without giving up any equity or any portion of your business ownership. Home Made Money shows you how to get money from investors for your business or enterprise in a fun way without writing a business plan and without having any existing business revenue. Even if you’re just looking for a work from home job you’re still in business for yourself. You have to market your business and sell your skills just like you would if you were out job hunting. Job hunting the old fashioned way doesn’t work anymore and Americans are behind the times. Americans haven’t learned to achieve success in a global marketplace. Home Made Money teaches you how to thrive in this leading edge global economy we’ve found ourselves in. • Home Made Money outlines 10 business levels and how to determine your “level” so that you can reach the next one. How will you reach your goal if you don’t yet know where you are? • Home Made Money Business will even show you how to get famous celebrities to endorse, sponsor and speak highly of your business, product service or book. We all know how valuable celebrity endorsements are. • Home Made Money gives you 9 sources totaling hundreds of thousands of jobs all over the world that will pay you handsomely to work from home. • Home Made Money gives you resources of free training for you to learn skills like Skype Training, Computer Training, Internet Basics, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Social Media Training Marketing and SEO training. • Step by Step instructions on how to create and follow a slam dunk marketing plan for you business that will leave your competition in the dust. • You get the best marketing channels and how to use them to explode your business into the stratosphere. You’ll also learn which marketing channels simply don’t work.

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