Hootie Personal Keychain Alarm for Women, Men, and Kids Protection- Hand Held Safety Siren for Self Defense and Emergency, Loud Pocket and Key-Chain-Safe Sound Device with Panic Strobe Light, Lavender

Price: $29.99
(as of Apr 06,2021 11:36:20 UTC – Details)

Hootie is an on-the-go, personal safety alarm that keeps women, men and children safe wherever they go. Hootie easily clips to your keychain or bag, or fits in your pocket. Just pull the pin and Hootie will unleash a 130 decibel screech and flashing light, creating an immediate diversion and deterring attackers. Move confidently and take back the power with Hootie by your side. Button-less safety device is guaranteed to be there when you need it the most. With a replaceable battery that can last up to a year and run for 30-40 minutes straight, our pin-safe keychain alarm is effective for multiple scenarios where defense is vital. Whether you’re walking your dog late at night, on a long walk back from a friend’s house or the bar, going for a hike in the wilderness, or running to get your cardio on, keep Hootie close carry on. Available in white and black, you can keep Hootie discreet and tucked away or keep it on your keychain as a stylish, handheld safety tool. Women shouldn’t have to feel limited or be forced to stay extra vigilant because of bad apples, and now they can feel an added sense of security with Hootie. Stun attackers and draw attention to yourself with one pull. Hootie is a product we hope you never have to use, designed to make creeps wish they never messed with you. Perfect for on-the-go safety, Hootie screeches 130 decibels of defense at would-be assailants, helping you fly away and alerting people around you. The Hootie alarm easily hooks to your keychain or bag and can be activated with just one hand. You can even keep her in your pocket, no accidental alarms here. Feel safe wherever you soar. Emergencies can happen anywhere. Hootie is the perfect companion around town, on the trail, across campus or out at night, with a battery that lasts a year and durable, impact-resistant material that can withstand extreme conditions. Fits in the palm of your hand and clips to anything. Noise can run for 30-40 minutes. Let them hear you.

Self defense keychain with loud siren and high-intensity strobe light; perfect for walking around town, on campus, on the trail, and for running, keep Hootie on your keychain and feel safe wherever you go; pull the pin to unleash a 130 decibel (as loud as an airplane) screech and strobe light when you’re in danger or an emergency situation to deter attackers and alert help fast
A convenient and safe alternative to a knife, rape whistle, pepper spray, mace, taser, and other weapons; the last thing you want to do in an emergency situation is create more danger; that’s why Hootie, your portable, handheld personal security device, is the safest, surest option for self defense
Pin activated alarm hooks to your keychain or bag and can be kept in your pocket; no buttons, keeping you safe from accidental alarms; long-lasting replaceable battery keeps you protected for up to a year; made with durable, impact-resistant material that can withstand extreme conditions
Personal safety alarm keychain for women, men, and kids; white and black color options available to discreetly blend in or stylishly stand out; alarm can run for 30-40 minutes; ideal for wilderness survival and medical emergencies; Hootie is designed to help you feel confident from the moment you clip on
Hootie is a product we hope you never have to use; designed to make creeps wish they never messed with you; you’re too busy to look over your shoulder, and with Hootie by your side, you can keep moving forward with confidence; safety has never been so simple

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