How I’m Going to Buy The Cleveland Indians for $1 Billion | BTS Vlog

I have had some ups and downs since selling one of my brands for a $10 Million exit.

But I am starting to get a clear picture of how I’ll buy the Cleveland Indians.

(Spoiler Alert: JP Sears dropped me a video message while we were brainstorming)

Do you want to know my biggest regret? Because just I realized it in the last few weeks.

This month, TWO of my students received multi-million dollar checks as a result of my help.

I hope that they don’t have the same regret that I do.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching and reflecting over the last few weeks…because I ran into challenges with one of my businesses that forced me to do some deep reflection.

In the past, I’ve said that I regretted not being even MORE of a risk taker… Or going even BIGGER…

But those aren’t my biggest regrets.

Less than a year ago, I sold a majority stake in a company for more than $10 million.

I LOVED that company. I loved everything about it.

I think that’s why it was so successful.

When I exited, I never took a break. Never took time off. So I went *right back* into workaholism.

And I quickly burnt myself out.

I WISH that I had taken time to go back into my passions and start businesses that ONLY had to do with things that I really enjoyed.

For example…

I LOVE working on food brands.

I probably could have built a multi million dollar food brand by now.

I also LOVE writing and speaking. I should have built my following around those two things.

But I was too busy working on other projects that required my energy.

So… my biggest regret is not building every business around things that I love.

I’ve never regretted having fun.

I’ve never regretted doing things with people I love.

But I HAVE regretted doing things that I don’t enjoy.

So here is my word of advice. If you enjoy your business… GO ALL IN.

If you don’t, it’s time to cash in your chips and do something else.


I’m getting excited again, and I’m getting closer to achieving my lifelong dream.

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