How This Mom Of Two Uses Communities to Sell $130k Per Month Doing What She Loves

This week we chatted with Madhavi Gupta, who’s made a million dollar business, Best Nest Wellness, out of doing what she loves.


From working as a neurologist to business success in supplements (while raising two kids), Madhavi has had an INCREDIBLE entrepreneurial journey. We wanted to share some advice we learned from her story that you can take action on right now.

Become part of communities. Madhavi sells supplements. That’s a really hard field to break out into, since you need regular, habitual consumers and must differentiate your product from those offered by the established big brands.

By forming genuine relationships with communities of people focused on wellness, Madhavi was able to get a sense of their needs, and improve the design and marketing of products towards her target audience.

Get the word out. Nobody will buy your stuff if they don’t know you exist! Madhavi started by focusing on marketing two products to those communities she connected to, including groups for expectant mothers interested in a “natural” birth.

She spread the word out about her products through them, as well as offered heavy discounts on the products. Since her products were of really high quality, they sold quickly in those communities she had connected to, who evangelized her products to their social circles.

Focus on why you are an entrepreneur. Madhavi is able to spend a good deal of quality time with her children, as her business gives her flexibility with her schedule. Being an entrepreneur lets her provide for and be with her family.

While she is working to scale the business and dreams of great things for Best Nest Wellness, she has kept her goal in mind all this time: to be there for those who matter the most to her.

We hope you enjoy hearing about Madhavi’s experience as an entrepreneur!

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