How To Capture Those Niche Markets

The answer to all our Internet marketing prayers is to find the right niche, set up a simple website and have it appear on page one of Google. This, of course, is what we all want and if we could guarantee this we would all be millionaires. Simple isn’t it?

Finding the right niche is by far the most difficult part of the complete system. You are looking for a niche keyword that a great many people are looking at but at the same time there is very little competition from other websites for the same keyword or keyword phrase. How to find the right niche and the right keywords, is not a simple matter and can take a great deal of time and effort.

One of the best ways of finding a niche market is to think of a subject that you are interested in, such as gardening or fishing etc. If you were to look for the keyword ‘gardening’ on Google you will find that there are over 70 million websites referring to it.As you can see it would be almost impossible to design a website that would be on page 1 of Google with that much competition. However if you broaden the keyword out to a keyword phrase such as ‘raised garden beds’ you will find that the number of websites referring to this phrase is reduced to 712,000. Although the number of competitive in size is reduced considerably it still is very competitive. If your idea is to find a niche you want to develop a website for and we’ll give you a income, without spending a great deal of money on advertising it, then being on page 1 of Google is the only answer.

An excellent way of finding the right niche and keywords associated with it is to log onto the Google keyword tool website. The keyword tool website will also give you the number of visitors that particular keyword or keyword phrase has per month and if you log onto the keyword phrase it takes you to the Google page relevant to it and you can then see how many other websites use these keywords.

When looking for the ideal niche which has a reasonable number of visitors but not much competition then a good guide would be, when looking on the Google keyword tool site, is to look for a keyword phrase with up to about 5000 visitors a month. At least then you will know that there are a reasonable number of people visiting that particular keyword phrase.

The next guide is to visit each of the keyword phrases you have selected to see how many other websites there are in competition. A good guide is to choose one that has less than 30,000 competitors.

Once you have found the niche and relevant keyword phrase that meets these criteria then you at least have a fair chance of developing a website that can make it to page 1 of Google. However this is not all you have to do, designing a website that is SEO a friendly is the next important step. There are many guidebooks available how best to set up a website to maximise your chances of being on page 1

Now you have found the right niche keywords and you are setting up a website and adding the right content to it. It is most important to include your niche keywords at least three to four times for every one hundred words of content, to ensure that it will appear on page one of Google.

You now have a website in the right niche and are now you have to make sure that it is moneyterised. The easiest way to moneyterise your website is to use ClickBank. How to use ClickBank products which allow you to sell E Books is very simple and can be found by clicking onto the ClickBank website. If you like physical products you can sell Amazon products by logging onto their site and registering with them.

You can now sit back and wait for your website to appear on Google page 1.

I just wish it was as simple or that you have the patience to just sit and wait. However there are a number of ways you can help the process, although this will take some more effort on your part.

What is important for any website is that you want as many people as possible clicking on to it. If you are on page 1 it is very likely that this will happen but if you are not on page 1 then you need to find other ways to make this happen. One of the best ways is article writing. Writing articles and publishing them in article directories such as a with a link pointing back to your website is a good way to start.You can also introduce your website to your followers on Facebook or Twitter.

However there is a way of appearing on page 1 of Google and that is by ‘pay per click’. This can be very expensive and it should be undertaken with great care. If your niche is not in the popular range, such as dieting etc, then the cost of the ‘pay per click’ can be much less as there is less competition.

All in all if you follow this advice I am sure that you will soon be earning a reasonable income. As with all things the more effort you put in the more you are likely to get out.

Source by Mike J Roberts

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