How to Create & Host a Live Workshop or Event (in 10 Steps)

So you want to know how to host a live workshop or small event. Awesome! Live workshops are a great way to teach, bring your community together, and also make some money, too!

They aren’t easy, but they are a lot of fun, but of course part of the battle is figuring out how to make it happen.

Here are 10 steps to help you along the way:

✔️Step #1 – 0:29 – What is it about?

✔️Step #2 – 1:19 – Create an outline

✔️Step #3 – 1:45 – Define the duration

✔️Step#4 – 1:51 – Determine the size

✔️Step #5 – 2:41 – Choose a date

✔️Step #6 – 3:10 – Choose a space

✔️Step #7 – 4:13 – Determine the price

✔️Step #8 – 5:53 – Create an event page

✔️Step #9 – 6:38 – Make attendees feel special

✔️Step #10 – 7:24 – Marker the event

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What kind of workshop or small live event would you like to put on?

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