How to Create SUPER Fans (That Will Buy Everything You Create)

A key to success in today’s online world is learning how to create super fans. These are the people who follow you where ever you go online, buy everything you could possibly come out with, consume all of your content, market for you without even asking and even defend you from trolls if you have any.

But here’s the thing. SUPER fans aren’t created overnight. They are created by the several experiences and great moments, bug and small, you create for them over time.

So how do you actually do it? How do you build not just fans, but SUPER fans for your brand and business?

It starts at the first moment people find you. If you haven’t watched my first video in this series about how to stop being ignored, watch that video here:

Then after that, it’s about helping people feel like they are a community, which you can learn how to do here:

Then, and only then, will some of those people naturally become fans – but there are a few things you can do to push things along and gain SUPER fans even faster…

First, let’s define how many fans we might actually need. Here’s an extremely important article from Kevin Kelly, senior editor at Wired Magazine, which was written back before I started my online business, and something I wish I knew about sooner:

👉1000 True Fans:

Tips for Building Super Fans:

#1 – Stay Consistent
#2 – Create Unexpected Surprises
#3 – Go Above and Beyond
#4 – Build Fans One at a Time

Also, just KNOW who your super fans are! Get to know them, talk to them, learn about them, and give them more than they ask for.

Answer in the comment section below:

What are you going to do to start building fans today?


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