How to earn money by participating in clinical trials: An introduction to phase I human volunteer studies

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Drug development represents a huge global industry, combining intensive research and collaboration across many institutions. Phase I or ‘healthy volunteer’ studies form a key part of the development process and companies and researchers alike are reliant on accurate and carefully carried out studies in healthy people to help drive the development process and discover new and effective medicines. Human volunteers provide researchers with important information about the effects of investigational drugs on the healthy body. Observing how a drug is managed in a fully functioning body is the only way for doctors to start to understand a new medication.The author, based in the United Kingdom, is herself a clinical trial researcher of over twenty years experience. In this guide, she utilizes her knowledge and expertise to help those who are considering participating in a trial understand what to expect. The information provided should enable readers to demystify the processes and regulations surrounding clinical trials and to ultimately make an informed decision regarding their own participation

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