How to Get a Million Subscribers with Antonio Centeno [Tactics in a Tesla]

How do you build a YouTube channel to get a million subscribers? Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style tells us his story about how he made it happen, and the strategies he used to get there.

Antonio Centeno is a men’s style expert who founded the brands Real Men Real Style and A Tailored Suit. His thriving YouTube channel can be found here:

He’s created over 1000 articles and videos on the topic of men’s style and fashion, and as a result has not only built a huge YouTube channel, but also an incredibly profitable online business, a thriving fan base and a successful media company.

Most impressively, he’s been able to do all of this still while maintaining a balance with his personal life that allows him to spend a lot of time with his wife and kids.

Watch this video to learn:

👉How he recovered from a bankruptcy to build a amazing brand based on content.
👉How Antonio leveraged an existing audience by writing articles and building a name for himself there first.
👉What a typical day in the life of Antonio Centeno.
👉The importance of style in your brand and how what you wear speaks for you.
👉Antonio’s strategy for repurposing and creating tons of content from one video piece.
👉Antonio’s 3 principles to make sure he stays in alignment with his brand and values.
👉How to brand yourself and stand out of the crowd.
👉The one video Antonio did that received the largest backlash from his audience (and the lessons he learned)
👉How to work with advertisers and other people in the same niche.

Resources mentioned in this video:

Ebooks the Smart Way:

Real Men Real Style:

A Tailored Suit:


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