How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon (Authentically): 30+ Email Scripts That Help You Get Reviews & Testimonials Without Breaking the Rules

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Amazon book reviews help you sell more books.

They give your prospective readers social proof that turns them into buyers

Amazon’s search algorithm also favors books that are reviewed, which means that customers get to see those books higher in the organic search results.

However, the challenge is that getting reviews for your book is hard.

People don’t have the time to help out, and Amazon’s rules keep getting more restrictive.

In How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon (Authentically), you’ll learn how to get honest Amazon reviews using 30+ email scripts that save you hours when cold-emailing potential reviewers.

You’ll also learn why those scripts work and how you can modify them to suit your needs (without breaking Amazon’s rules).

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to get Amazon reviews on your book that show up as verified 
  • When to send your emails (timing really matters)
  • How to follow up with prospective reviewers
  • How to cold-email people the right way (without sounding spammy)
  • What tweaks you should make in your email messages based on who you ask (e.g., previous Amazon reviewers, bloggers, thought leaders, followers, etc.)

No gimmicks. No scams. Just an authentic approach that gets you results.

Over 30+ Email Scripts That Work

Most authors ask for a review only once and then give up. However, the key is in the follow-up.

Knowing how to follow up and when to follow up is what makes all the difference.

Most importantly, you should consider who you’re following up with. Approaching a thought leader for an Amazon Editorial Review (or Testimonial) is different from approaching a reader for an Amazon Customer Review.

In this book, you’ll learn how to approach different readers and what messages to send them. 

You’ll get a selection of email scripts that will help convince your readers to leave honest reviews for your book. You can simply copy & paste those emails and send them out to prospective reviewers.

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