How To Get Rich Not Depending On Your Salary: Practical Advice And Tips For Earning More Income: Ideas On How To Earn Extra Income

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When hard times hit, it seems there’s always more month than paycheck. And the only way to fill in the gap—and keep food on the table—is to figure out how to make extra money as fast as possible.
So when it comes to taking care of your Four Walls (food, utilities, shelter and transportation), finding ways to increase your money and savings quickly can go a long way.
In this Extra Income book, you will discover:
– Chapter One-Introduction
– Mayer points:
– Chapter Two-Spirit of salary
– 1. Spirit of salary
– 2. A myth about salary
– 3. Demystifying the spirit of salary
– 4. Limitation of the spirit of salary
– 5. Dangers of salary
– (a) Living from paycheck to paycheck
– (b) Ballooning household debt
– (c) Failure to pay bills
– And so much more!
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