How To Give Names To Your Books: Easy Made Stuff Of Title Writing

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Welcome to Product Marketing Strategies, A product can be anything from your books, blogs, YouTube videos, affiliate marketing products for selling, business notices, to email & social Media Advertisements. In this book author is revealing the perfect Title & Headline formulas.. Whether you are about to start your new product to sell, or you are considering adding on a second product, this book is an immediate help.

You need to understand… your product title (name/headline/heading) is most important when it comes to selling things online. It will play a crucial role in how many people will read about it and share it. It will directly impact how much money you will make with it in future.

To make this naming task easy; in this book, the author has created a simple and powerful process that will help you come up with innumerable amazing names for your book/videos/blogs.

So, let’s see what this book offers for a content writer, blogger, youtuber, company manager or a college student:

★ Author found that, there is a clear patter among the most successful Titles in the world. Then he collected all those titles at same place, extracted the formulas from them, and has put all the titles in this book along with its formulas, to make the new title writing task easy.

★ There are more than 120 simple formulas that will help you to come up with a bunch of name ideas for your blog/books/videos. These formulas are arranged in exact proper orders for simplicity of understanding.

★ Hundreds and Thousands of successful Authors, Bloggers & YouTubers have used each of these formulas to come up with the name for their blogs, videos & books. (But those secret formulas were hidden and known to only few people & also it was randomly spread all over the internet till today) But now you can undoubtedly join all those selling experts by reading this single book.

So, go ahead and grab a copy of this fantastic book immediately. (Of-course! only if you frequently face problems while giving titles to your work & want to quickly learn the tried and tested formulas for attractive headline making).

Extra Description:

Recommended for any of the following categories-

  • Best for YouTubers, who makes the best contents but do not understand how to attract people using the video names.
  • Best for all kinds of Business Professionals, who has office works and mainly deals with email writing/ email marketing
  • Best for Digital and Social Media Managers, who want their every post go viral.
  • Best for Affiliate marketers who are in the business of selling products by advertising on various platforms. (They can get help in understanding how to write advertisements to increase the number of sales in least time.)
  • Best for News Anchors/News Editors/ news Headline Makers… Anyone can learn to write best news channel or newspaper headlines or magazine headlines by knowing the headline making tricks from this book.
  • Best for Authors who always struggles with title names. After knowing the formulas provided in the book, Authors will never have to worry about their book titles.
  • Also, best for the students of psychology/marketing & MBA Students, who would like to understand what things impacts the people’s emotion most, & what are the emotional factors that contributes to make people take immediate actions.

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