How To Make $18-$24 Per Hour Freelancing AND UpWork!


YO GUYS… APOLOGIES For the AWFUL audio quality in this video. Apparently a microphone far away from me picked up the audio for some odd reason. However, I figured it was still clear enough and I wanted to make sure you could get this content in. Hope it’s not too bad to listen to!

Today I had a new webinar registration page I wanted to design and I got to thinking… Not everyone knows how to do this stuff, which means… People HAVE to be hiring for it. So I went over to UpWork and found people were looking for Freelancers that knew how to do this very task! AND people are paying on average $18 – $24 an hour too! It’s just another valuable skill that you could learn and monetize. If you liked this video, be sure to check out some of my other videos too!


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Paul James (IAMPAULJAMES) is an internet entrepreneur and #1 best-selling author from Wisconsin with a passion for helping and mentoring others.


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