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Hello Readers ! I am Mahi .In this book ,” HOW TO MAKE MONEY BY BLOGGING, STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO BECOME A PRO BLOGGER “.The areas i focused wasWhat is Blogging ? STEP BY STEP TO START A NEW BLOG TIPS TO BE FOLLOWED TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER SEO BasicsTips for ranking in first pageImportance of SEOBenefits of good SEO Tips to get more trafficTips for quality contentTools to get quality contentSEO benefits of adding daily contentSEO tools that are free to useExtra ways to increase website trafficThree effective ways to earn more money from your blog*****THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY HELPFUL FOR NEWBIES AND AVERAGE BLOGGERS ***********BY READING THIS BOOK .YOU CAN ABLE TO KNOW WHERE ARE YOU LAGGING AND WHAT MAKES YOU AWAY FROM SUCCESS**** THIS BOOK CAN KEEP PROMISE OF ### MOTIVATIONAL MARKETING ###THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN IN STEP BY STEP MANNER TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERTRY OUT THIS BOOK ,IT WILL BE REALLY USEFUL FOR BLOGGERS TO EARN MORE PROFITWith my experience in blogging , I wrote this guide and present it to you . In this guide, I shared all my hints & tips in detail ,my experiments that work ,important tools ,some adjustments to become successful blogger .I don’t want to fill this guide with fillers . Because ,I want to be loyal for my readers .I wrote this guide for the purpose of giving ideas for newbies and average bloggers to gain momentum and become a successful blogger.I take nearly 3 months to write this book from scratch to the end. Everyone asking that how one can earn money from blogging and become financially free ?There are many bloggers out there who are making from 1000$ to 50000$ per month and few make more than that .To reach certain heights you need to keep on trying with smartwork. Because, NO PAIN;NO GAIN.

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