How To Make Money With YouTube Now

If you were to ask how to make money with YouTube you would most likely be told about the three methods shown below.

But before I describe these three ways I need to point out that there are also other profitable methods but which are not as well known.

The three typical methods include:-

Being A YouTube Partner

When you become a YouTube Partner you get access to extra tools that will help you promote your videos. And you can also have adverts shown on-screen whenever your videos are played.

When these adverts are shown, each time someone clicks onto one of those adverts, you will receive a commission.

Developing A Video Blog

By creating good content videos and uploading them to your YouTube channel, you will soon develop a wealth of resources in the form of your videos.

These videos can then be embedded into your own blog, which can then be developed into a Video Blog or VLOG.

Uploading regular fresh video content and embedding it into your Vlog will soon build into an interesting source of information or entertainment that can attract new visitors.

And then by monetising your Vlog with AdSense adverts and affiliate links you can soon be generating an income. You could even start to sell advertising space and create even more business for yourself.

Promoting Affiliate Products

Create interesting reviews of affiliate products on your YouTube channel, and provide links to those products so that people can find out more.

When people see the video that is promoting the product, they can then click on the link under your video to be taken to the product’s page.

If they like the product and buy it, you will then receive a commission for the sale.

Drawbacks to These Three Methods

The above three methods can each generate an income for you, but each method does have drawbacks:

YouTube Partner. The commissions you receive from people clicking on your YouTube video adverts are small and so you would need to generate a lot of “hits” in order to make a significant amount of money using this method.

Vlogging. Uploading new videos and then using them to create a Video Blog can be very time consuming.

Affiliate Reviews. When you create an affiliate review and encourage people to click on your link to find out more, the link you provide needs to link to a website.

YouTube does not allow direct links to affiliate products.

Setting up your affiliate website and optimising it for best results, again, can be time consuming.

Of course, whenever you create your videos, it is important to make them interesting and “of value” to the people you want to attract.

Not doing that will simply cause those watching your video to become dis-interested and to switch to another one.

A good idea is to try to make each video special in some way so that it stirs a positive emotion within the person who is watching it.

There are other ways to make money on YouTube besides the three methods mentioned above.

But if you enjoy the process of video-making and you also enjoy seeing that other people enjoy watching the videos you have created, then that can make all the effort worthwhile.

Source by Edmund Goald

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