How to Make Passive Income | 7 Proven Ways (No Experience Required)

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in this video, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you 7 ways to make PASSIVE income online, even if you have little or no experience.

Want the good news or bad news first?

THE GOOD NEWS: You’re watching this online, means you have internet, means you have the ability to make passive income. Congratulations.

THE BAD NEWS: Passive income takes SYSTEMS to set up. In general, the HARDER it is to make the system/more time/build out — the MORE money you’ll make! But don’t be discouraged, everything is LEARNABLE.

Think about how cool this is — set up systems once or twice, pay you 24/7 365. Kinda like having little robots or minions making you money online.

I’m a full-time entrepreneur — make my money online. First six-figure year this year online income.

DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT comprehensive guide – serves as inspiration for you. Ask yourself “could I do that?” and hopefully take action on 1 or 2 of these research further.

Remember to think “Integrated Product Suite”

Ex: APPLE — have iPhone, have iMac, have iPad — do you need all 3? maybe, but they work together! Why so great. Same with your methods online. Integrate as many of these as possible!


1. BROKE: Freelance
Need money tomorrow
Low hanging fruit
1. Survey: Swagbucks
2. Freelance: Fiverr
3. Freelance: UpWork

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2. Kindle ebooks
Go through the K Money Mastery Course: (affiliate)
Outsource on EpicWrite (book writing)
Outsource on Fiverr (cover)

3. Affiliate marketing
EX: Qapital App I promoted — made a video related to it and sent quality traffic their way. Sent over 1,000 signups that converted into over $5,000 in around 5-months. Get Qapital:

4. Advertising
EX: Youtube AdSense
EX: Blog — Google AdSense on blog sidebar
EX: Podcast (need 20k downloads/mo)
EX: Brand Deals and Influencer Marketing

5. Online Courses
EX: My Best Journal 2.0 Course
EX: Video Breakthrough Academy Course
Resources: Create awesome online courses using the Teachable: (affiliate)

7. Stocks
EX: Dividend yielding stocks— quarterly/annual/etc
EX: Index Funds of Lifecycle Funds (Do the work for you — passive income!

EX: Music on Spotify
EX: Stock Video Footage
EX: Templates for websites, PDFs, Keynotes, etc
EX: Movies on Netflix
EX: CEO who sells company

stop settling start living

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