How To Make Passive Income Selling Ebooks On Amazon & Other Platforms

This video tells you how to make a completely passive income selling eBooks on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace as well as other platforms to sell your eBook on.

This video breaks it down into 5 easy steps on how to be successful selling eBooks and how to make money selling eBooks.

I love eBooks, you write it, and then it forever is sitting on Amazon selling making you a completely passive income. Now if you want to sell more books, if you want your book to continue selling a few months after the release you will want to do some work promoting your eBook and you will want to make an effort to get reviews. I’d also recommend running some of the Free promotions such as book giveaways or price markdowns so there is some follow up work if you want to sell more.

That said essentially if you want to be done after writing the book slap it up on Amazon and you have a completely passive income generator. Amazon has the book on their platform. They handle the sales, they collect the money, they deliver the book. All you have to do is setup your direct deposit and collect your paycheck.

Watch this video as well as other videos of mine on how to make money selling eBooks on Amazon

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