How To Profit From Forum Marketing With A Simple PDF In 3 Easy Steps!

Internet marketing and ebooks are closely related because it is often the first step to building an information product empire. If you want to start making money on the Internet, the easiest way to start is writing a short pdf report and give it away for free. Let me explain you in details how this work.

This process works very well. but be sure to follow the steps in order.

1. Forum research

Research the problems faced by people in your niche. To do this, you need to type your keyword in Google. Let’s say that you are in the dog training niche. You would type it like this. “Dog Training” + Forum.

Now, you need to perform a search within this forum and find out a pattern. You need to look at the hot threads.

Take not about the question that come often

2. Viral Pdf report

I assume you are an expert on your topic. Now all you need to do is writing a short pdf report with the answers to all these questions.

It’s easy to write a pdf. Just download the “writer” at Then, just type your text in the writer (the equivalent of MS Word) and when you are done, export to pdf.

3. Viral marketing

Register with as many forum as you can and add your pdf in your sig file with a link to your website. Be sure to collect the names of visitors on your website. You’d better redirect them to a landing page than a general website.

Capture their email first because you will make more money overtime.

Source by Franck Silvestre

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