How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk

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As the ghostwriter behind many highly successful thought leaders, Kasanoff has first-hand knowledge of what really works. Now he reveals dozens of counter-intuitive tips to put your own ideas front and center.

Lesson #1—it’s not blatant self-promotion, but rather the exact opposite. Helping others is the single best way to get positive attention.

Lesson #2—the secret to social media is also to help others. The more you support others, the more credibility and reach you will enjoy. “This credibility,” says Kasanoff, “Will come in handy when you most need it, but too many people ignore or forget this.” The author includes dozens of simple tips for finding the sweet spot between helping others and still meeting—or exceeding—your own goals.

Want more proof? Check out Bruce Kasanoff on LinkedIn, where he is one of the most prolific and widely followed professionals, thanks to the simple fact that he practices what he preaches. Without a company, marketing staff, or PR team, he has managed to have his voice be heard. You can do the same.

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