How to Start and Enjoy Living the RV Life on a Tight Budget: A Budget Friendly RV Lifestyle Startup Guide

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Everyone’s financial situation is different. Whatever may fit your budget may not fit mine and vice versa, keeping that in mind I wrote this book for those who want to enjoy the freedom of the open road but on a reasonable budget.

If you are like me and live off of a limited monthly income; then you may enjoy what you find in this book. Even though I didn’t discuss how to find free foods or soup kitchens in different cities, I did discuss how to find a lot of everyday needs while RVing for cheap and sometimes free.

Buying an RV itself is a significant investment, but if you shop smartly, you may find a good used one around your city for a reasonable price. Also, remember you can find RV financing that is more like a home financing than a vehicle financing. So the payments are always very reasonable.

This book is a compilation of all the things a person should consider when choosing to go with the RV lifestyle. But the important part of this life is saving money, as I said, by going with RV life, we are now saving money and you can too, as long as you do it the right way. I share my ideas, experience, and thoughts about how to start an RV life, safely, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors and finally be able to live the life we always dreamed of.

This Is what i discussed in this book:

  • Benefits of RV life
  • Setting up a cost comparison
  • How to prepare for RV lifestyle
  • Creating a plan
  • Downsizing your life
  • How to choose the right RV for your budget
  • How and where to find a good used RV to buy
  • Nine things to consider when buying an RV
  • How to protect your RV
  • For DIY maintenance what tools you will need
  • Additional safety features you can add to your RV
  • How the utilities work in your RV, how to purify water
  • Staying in touch while on the road (TV, internet, phone, mail, Etc.)
  • Life on the road and how to stay rent free
  • How to find free boondocking sites
  • Safety concerns and measures you can take while on the road
  • Heating and cooling in your RV
  • Food choices, cooking methods, and storage
  • Health care on the road
  • Finding entertainment and making money while travelling
  • RV maintenance and upkeep, how to winterize your RV
  • Proper loading and packing
  • How to balance the load
  • And so Much More

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