How to Start, Run, and Grow an RV Park, RV Resort, or Campground Business: Step-by-Step Guide from Idea to Business Plan to Growth

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How to Start, Run, and Grow an RV Park, RV Resort, or Campground Business

I found a way that I could relax, enjoy life, have retirement, and own a revenue-generating business all at the same time.

The solution? Owning and running an RV campground resort.

Currently, a popular trend in America is for people to downsize and learn to live smaller. As the retiree population booms, older people are choosing to become snowbirds, nomads, and do the traveling they put off doing. A growing segment of this is the RV life sector. You can enjoy this lifestyle while also starting your own RV park or campground.

You’ll be providing people with the new trend they want while having your own place to stay. It will be like living and working each day of your life in retirement while enjoying the great outdoors. In this book, I will show you, in detail, how you can turn this idea into a reality and own a thriving RV park or campground.

At the time I wrote this book, I had been in the business for about 5 years and have seen nothing but positive gains. I started simple, on my family-owned acreage not too far from the main interstate. I dreamed up gravel pathways leading to a few primitive camping sites.

Since then, I have upgraded several features in my campground and can say that I safely offer advice as to what to look for when deciding on amenities. It hasn’t always been easy, but I wouldn’t change any of it!

In this book, I will show you in-depth exactly how to go about starting your own RV park, RV resort, or rustic campground business from scratch. We will discuss topics such as:

  • Why you should start a campground
  • The financial gains you can expect
  • What type of business you can create
  • What you need to get started- from financing to building to running
  • How to effectively develop your facility
  • What amenities you should consider
  • How to set your prices, reservation policies, and park rules
  • How to set up your business plan
  • What other things to consider in your startup, like licensing and insurance
  • How to hire and manage employees
  • How to run your park once you’re established including advice on marketing and advertising

I will show you all of this and much more! Take a look at the table of contents before you purchase this book so you can see just what sort of deal you’re getting!

I hope that you can find financial stability and personal peace in owning a campground as I have. I wish you the best of luck!

Let’s relax, make money and enjoy life.

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