How to Swing Trade Penny Stocks?

To swing trade penny stocks is a very good business making money from following trends. The trends are quick and
can make high percentage profits in few days or weeks or even months.
There are two kinds of penny stocks you should be aware of. Pump and dump scheme penny stocks
are manipulated stocks where they trade for low volume then in one or few days you see the volume
change drastically from few thousands a day to millions a day without any news or anything related
to the company itself. These manipulated stocks are for day trading better. The second penny stocks
we talk about are stocks that are common and regular that make trends and thus making a lot of
money. We always search for these good stocks daily and we find them daily. The secret for this search is
to get the stocks before they trend. To get these criteria check Golden subscription or order training level
2 how to search for stock using stock screener.
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