How To Use A Blog To Promote Your Product And Services

As the boundaries of the digital economy expand daily, “weblog” or for short “blog” as it is popularly called are “dynamic website” a depart from the conventional “static website” that enables you publish content related to any topic of your interest whenever you want and allowing other people to interact with your content in the form of writing comments in response to whatever you published. So, it’s quite different from the stuffy old “static “website that do not change their content as a general rule of thumb.

Blogs are becoming extremely popular in recent time for many reasons among which are:

• Blog marketing is now considered to be the most powerful tool to advertise your business online and most trusted media resources for online users.

• It’s one of the easiest kinds of website to setup and you can manage it yourself without needing the attention of a web developer or programmer once it has been set up for you.

• It’s cheaper or cost nothing compare to the conventional website. Interestingly most conventional website owner also build blog to compliment their website.

• It provides you with a platform to sell your product and services globally

• A blog enables you to build a list of subscriber base that you can easily manage and get in touch with often any where in the world. Like it’s often said in internet marketing that money is in the list, you can always make money legally from your list by providing them with quality information.

At this stage, you might be wondering why you should bother setting up your own blog or the essence of having a blog, well here are the few of the benefits of setting up and running your own blog.

• It’s easy to set up! If you are a computer literate person, you will definitely know the importance of having a website to promote your product and services. Imagine your website been surf by other internet users for quality information, like you use others website for your research. Unlike a conventional website, that is too technical and costly to set up, a blog is easy to set up and manage for professional service provider

• When you set up a blog, you will be providing quality information to your followers and over time you will become known as the expert in your field and people will start contacting you for interviews and advice about your topic of interest globally.

• It enables you build a list of subscribers globally and earn income through mere consulting and selling of digital product in your area of expertise. Copy Writer, Article Writer, Motivational Counselor, Forex Expert, Weight Loss Coach, etc. are some of the skills highly sought after online.

• When you set up a blog, you earn income from it by monetizing it. This comes in form of selling digital products (ebook, audio, video etc), selling space for advertisement on your blog, membership subscription and donations depending on the services you render.

Source by Oprah Johnson

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