How to Write a Bestselling Book (5 Tips from a Self Published Wall Street Journal Bestseller)

In this video, I share 5 tips to help you learn how to write a bestselling book. As a self published Wall Street Journal Bestseller, I have a lot of strategies to share with you based on my own experience.

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Here’s a quick guideline of the tips from this video:

👉Tip #1 (1:30) Research Your Idea

👉Tip #2 (3:07) Validate Your Idea

👉Tip #3 (5:25) Create an Outline

👉Tip #4 (6:07) Make Small Goals

👉Tip #5 (7:42) Use Editors

-=-=-=Links and References Made in This Video=-=-=-

(note: some of the links below are affiliate links to products on Amazon, which means I earn an small commission if you choose to purchase anything through those links. Thank you in advance!)

My Bestselling Book, Will It Fly:

31 Days to Build a Better Blog:

Living Forward by Michael Hyatt:

How to Write the First Draft of your Book, Fast:


-=-=-=Hiring Editors=-=-=-

Whenever hiring for a job or project, I always recommending starting with within your current network. Has anyone you know worked with anyone they enjoyed that you could potentially work with too? If not, however, you can find many of them from sites like

Make sure you pay attention to their portfolio, and always be sure to message and communicate with potential hires first before you move forward with your job.

The developmental editor I worked with for my book, Will It Fly, was Ann from – she was awesome!

-=-=-=Special Thanks=-=-=-

Also, special thanks to my book writing coach, Azul Terronez for helping me through the painful process of writing Will It Fly. He help out, a ton! Here’s his website and podcast for your reference in case you’d like to work with a book writing coach, too:

Although it was a struggle, writing this book was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done, and with the right book writing strategies in place, I’m hopeful you’ll have an easier time than I did, and your book gets in the hands of everyone who needs it!

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If you’re working on a book right now, comment below with what it’s about so you can tease it for us!

Good luck! 🙌


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