How to Write eBook and Make Money Selling Online: A complete guide about writing, editing, formating, and publishing your ebook.

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So, you want to make money online selling ebook?
Good, that’s an amazing idea. You just have to do a one time work and get online income life time.
But selling ebook is not so easy for newbies. There is a strategy which you can follow and become a best seller ebook writer.
In this book you will learn
What is ebook?
The advantages of writing an ebook
How to choose the topic and title for your ebook
How to write an ebook
How to do editing of an ebook
How to formatting ebook (List of different types of ebook format and when they use.)
How to design best cover that becomes a eye catching and people easily buy your book.
And how to add table of content to easily nevigation.
How to write the best description for your ebook.
How to register your ebook to get an ISBN number.
How to design copyright and disclaimer page for your ebook.
And how to add author bio, contributor,language.
The techniques to choose the most searched keywords for your ebooks.
Select the best subtitle that get sells.
The platforms on which you can sell your ebook and at last but most important how to get promote your ebook and sell it online.
Distribution of your ebook is the main process of ebook marketing.
You will get the latest ebook marketing strategy from most of best seller ebook authors.
So, what are you waiting for, buy it now and start writing your ebook.

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