Hudeco Snap Frame 27×40 Inches, 1.02 inch Aluminum Profile, Front-Loading Snap Frame, Movie Poster Frame, Wall Mounting, Picture Frame, 1626C (Silver)

Price: $59.99
(as of Jun 29,2021 21:22:34 UTC – Details)

Hudeco Frame Hang your precious treasures coolly. In addition to the size a movie theater, you can also use your wonderful treasures as an interior point on the well, in restaurants, cafes, schools, government offices, galleries, and homes. This aluminum frame is more innovative and unique than any other design. All Hudeco Frame products boast strong shock resistance due to thicker aluminum than competitors, and can be used semi-permanently with a combination of pure white mdf, which provides a little waterproofing function, and a transparent flexible PC(polycarbonate) that is resistant to subzero temperature and strong ultraviolet rays. When viewed from the side, the edge of the frame does not float from the wall, it looks so much cleaner because it sticks tightly. A frame cover with a durable, easy-to-use snap spring opens to change he poster. Even without a tool, you can easily replace the poster without removing it from the wall. Since the spring is fully inserted, there is no risk of the spring coming off, and you will not see the spring when you open the frame cover. In addition, there is no fear that the spring will come off, so the power to open and close the frame cover will not change after long use. The slightly rounded corners prevent children from hurting as they pass by. I am proud of being a product that is more beautiful, original, and durable than any other product. Do not hesitate to purchase the best product.

1. Unique and practical design of Hudeco Frame only, semi-permanent durability, Front-Loading Snap Frame for Movie Poster. Use Hudeco Frame to Earn Time.
2. No glass. Use 1mm thick transparent PC(polycabonate). Strong at high and low temperature, No browning due to ultraviolet rays. A thick PC makes the poster flatter.
3. 3mm thick, White Coated Clean MDF Backing Plate makes the product more clean.
4. Practical rear design and simple fixing kit for easy fixing to wall. Hudeco Frame makes installation simpler.
5. Sensual rounding corner – It eliminates the sharp edges of the product, so you can not scratch your arms or get hurt. Hudeco Frame worry about your safety.

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