Hydraulic Ram Pump 1″ (Medium)

Price: $165.00
(as of Jun 10,2021 21:36:41 UTC – Details)

Hydraulic Ram Pump
An old technology that allows you to pump water from a creek or river.

-The 1″ ram pump requires at least 6gpm to operate.

-You will need a minimum of 2 feet of fall (head pressure) to get the pump running correctly.

-The driving force behind the ram pump is “head pressure” this is the drop in water between the source and pump location. You will need at least 2 feet of head pressure to get the pump going.

-You can expect to get a ratio of 1:7 head pressure to lift. This means that for every 1 foot of water falling into the pump you will get 7 feet of lift out.

-In order to setup the ram pump you will need two additional components. A drive pipe, to bring water to the pump, and a delivery pipe to take water to the desired location. The Drive pipe needs to be the same size as the waste valve on the pump. In this case 1″. You can use Steel, PVC or Poly Pipe. It is recommended that the drive pipe be longer than 15 feet and shorter than 100 feet. The Delivery pipe can be any size you like. Even a garden hose will work. (Some additional components might be required to connect pipe to the pump depending on the type pipe you use)

-Once the required pipes are installed and the pump is in location you will need to start the pump. Initially you will need to manually press the brass swing valve to allow pressure to build in the pressure tank. Once the pressure has built the pump will cycle on its own.

Pump water without Fuel or Electricity. Only flowing water.
Requires 6 GPM to operate
Constructed of PVC with a lead free brass swing valve
A 1″ Drive Pipe required to run this pump.
A great way to water garden plants or livestock. You only need flowing and falling water.

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