I Like It When It’s Not Complicated

I’ve often thought about and written about how great it would be if we could find just one platform that wasn’t complicated. And, wouldn’t it be nice if it was inexpensive so everyone could join but; somehow, still allow for people to earn big commissions.

Well, there’s a relatively new business available called ‘FORTRESS’.

It’s a Social-Media, eCommerce Platform. Think of a cross between Facebook and Amazon. It also includes a Membership Feature that’s just $10 per month!

Here’s how to make money with this.

1. Become a member ($10) then share Fortress with everyone you know. As members they will save when they shop (up to 25%) on the Fortress Site. Non-members can use the site but will pay retail. Anyone that buys products from your site earn you a commission.

2. The $10 membership is tied to a 3 x 9 forced matrix that will pay out $29,683 per month when full. Okay, that may take a minute to reach but, at level 6 it pays out $1092 and people are reaching this quickly. We can all agree that having an extra $1000 coming in each month would be helpful.

3. You can advertise your own Goods and Services and make profits of their sales. Since Fortress is World-Wide this can open up a lot of additional revenue for you.

4. Fill up the Matrix and you’ll earn a $10,000 bonus. That got my attention. Seriously, you get a lot of value for your $10 monthly membership. You get a free website, you can list products for free, you share in the matrix, there’s free weekly training and you can qualify for a bonus. All for just $10.

Fortress is just a very straight forward program you can use as a main business or as an additional way to create more income for yourself. If you’ve already got a business then being able to advertise it on Fortress is a obvious. We all need more traffic. Once your product(s) are listed they stay there. You don’t have to keep re-posting.

Give it a try. Visit my site at: Click Here

In a nutshell: You join for $10, you list your products or service and you share Fortress with others to build your matrix. That’s it. Simple, elegant, profitable.

Try it out.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

PS – You can download this free pdf report I wrote showing you a more complete overview of Fortress. Download Fortress Report

Source by Donald G Gaw

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