Instagram for Small Business: Leverage your business using strategies to create successful profiles and gain thousands of followers. Quick and easy guide.

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Instagram for small businesses is a book full of strategies for using Instagram to leverage your business. Concise and valuable content that will help you from profile creation, content strategy to the tactics to win thousands of followers in a few months.
Some of the subjects covered in this book:
Creating your profile
The 3 types of profiles
Choosing your company profile name
Generating post ideas
Visual identity
Post planning
What to post
Take photos and create videos
Strategies to gain more followers
The law of reciprocity
Who you should follow
How many people can you follow
When you stop following people
Steps to create a successful Instagram giveaway
Instagram sweepstakes rules
Ideas for creating successful sweepstakes on Instagram
Optimizing Your Hashtags
The Instagram Algorithm
Instagram algorithm features
Using the Instagram Analytics Data tool
Building trust with your Instagram community
Whether on social media or real life, always be authentic
Address negative feedbacks
Monetization strategies to boost sales.
E-commerce has been a reality, as well as the remarkable power of social networks in promoting and generating business. Unfortunately, we were unlucky enough to experience a pandemic of dimensions not seen in the last hundred years, which ended, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of lives lost, preventing people from leaving their homes due to social distance. The importance of the digital market has taken a huge leap in relevance. If before it was more than advisable to work with social networks to leverage businesses of the most varied sizes, it is now practically an essential condition to embrace the digital world in your favor. In the new normal, even small your business must be represented efficiently where your customers are and where they want to have access to more information about the products and services you have to offer.

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