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Ok, let’s start at the beginning. First I am going to assume you want to make money online. Secondly I am going to assume you understand Ebay is dying and Amazon is taking over the world. Never in the history of the world has it been possible to get WORLD DISTRIBUTION of a product overnight. Amazon has fulfilment centers everywhere. You never touch the product.
This is why SMART people are always looking for the perfect Amazon product.
Now imagine trying to get a physical product on Amazon….. Try sourcing "sunglasses" wholesale and sell them on Amazon. You won’t even be able to buy them wholesale for what they are being sold at retail because of the buying power of these established guys.
So what product can you setup in a few days that can WORK?
Well you don’t have to be Stephen Hawkins to figure out THE PERFECT AMAZON PRODUCT….YOU ARE READING ONE…’s publications……Amazon started as a simple book seller…..that’s their whole platform….THAT’S WHAT THEY DO…Did you know Amazon also has a SPECIAL PPC advertising platform for publications that is way cheaper than for physical products….
When a publication is sold Amazon pays what it calls “ROYALTIES”. By the way, ROYALTIES has become my favorite word in the English language.
here is another thing you need to understand about THE AMAZON GORILLA
Grandpas war stories or your moms recipes are fun and everything….but don’t expect to make a lot of money from it…..people just don’t buy those types of publications….I mean let’s face it….. when was the last time you saw anyone even listening to Grandpa…..Now Imagine asking someone to pay to listen to Grandpa.
Now CREDIT REPAIR PUBLICATIONS that’s a different thing…..THE AMAZONIAN GORILLA gives many “ROYALTIES” for those publications if its setup right..HERES WHY This site lets you know the number of searches done for items on AMAZON Try the word “credit Repair” 4.7 million searches a month on Amazon. I have 6 credit repair publications on Amazon. Rapid Results Credit Repair, The Credit Repair Bible etc.
Now this is important.. Credit repair is so affiliate friendly and this is so so important.
Your publication ALWAYS sends them to your website that has many offers they need…Like credit monitoring and credit cards for people with bad credit. They trust your publication because they bought it on Amazon and they trust your opinion……..NOW not only are you making Publication money but you are making AFFILIATE MONEY……
Now let me tell you a quick story about AFFILIATE MONEY…..To be honest I never really knew the full potential of it until I hate to say it my Ex Wife started meddling with my business. We got a check in the mail for $18.00 from a company called……She being nosey and always interested in a free check…lol said what’s this check for?????? I told her it’s an affiliate check for someone applying for a credit card for people with bad credit…..and I told her WHO CARES ITS ONLY $18.00…..
So she ended up putting affiliate stuff all over the website……So fast forward 3 or 4 months later and seriously folks we are getting checks for $17,867 $21,657 $19,756
So here is what you are going to need and I am going to give you: This publication contains an ACCESS code on the top of each page. This access code GIVES YOU A FULLY FUNCTIONING WEBSITE (which by the way has made me millions) a Base Manuscript for Kindle and a Base Amazon Manuscript with a “Right to Publish Agreement” AND ACCESS to my 3 hour UDEMY video course. Plus AND MOST IMPORTANT my direct email and phone number so you can text me any questions as you setup your money funnel.
PSS: See my publications “Rapid Results Credit Repair” and all 5 others on Amazon.

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