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Mark Flavin and Terry Telford recently recorded a tell-all TeleClass that showed attendees how to get 1 million visitors to their websites every year… for free. The following excerpts were taken directly from the TeleClass.

Mark Flavin and Terry Telford Reveal How To:

Legally hijack YouTube videos

Excellent! As far as video, is there any way to brand a video? So if I want to send a video for one of your products, for example, can I brand that video with my affiliate link?

Yeah, there’s a very cool website called This is a particularly cool website. It allows you to take any YouTube videos and allows you to put a little bubble on it which is clickable.

So you can take any YouTube video, you don’t have to go to the effort of creating a video yourself. If we go back to the golf example. If there’s a funny video of some guy playing golf and he takes a swing and falls or something. You could put a bubbleply link on it and link it to your product.

Ship that off to your list, or put it on your blog. Have it spread around that way. And as it’s getting spread around, your product link is on the video.

Wow! Is this a free service or just a paid service?

Yup! Completely free! And the great thing is you don’t even have to create your own videos. Which is basically what keeps most people away from video marketing. Literally, you go to, type in your YouTube URL, completely free, and you just put on your link.

Get listed in Google in 6 hours

So how does work? You put up your own website and then what?

You put content on your own website and then you go to, sign up completely free. It’s mostly for news and things like that. So what happens is, if people like the articles they dig them. So as more people click on your article your ranking goes up. So if one person sees your article they dig it. Then if another person likes your article they click the digg again and so on and the more diggs you have the higher your ranking.

Now if your article is really popular, you can actually end up on the front page of dig and then you just get insane amounts of traffic, because millions of people visit that front page everyday. But from the point of view of search engine optimization, you literally put your article on your blog or your website, go to, submit it, ping your article or ping your blog just using something like or so the search engines know your article is out there and in about six hours you could be listed in Google.

Get 40,000 targeted visitors in 1 day

Basically I started my first website at about 16 years of age. I created a ringtone site. Ringtones, as you have probably noticed, became a little bit of a phenomenon, but when I started, there was nobody doing it.

So all I did was email a few radio stations and eventually got some national coverage. I got 5 minutes on one of the Irish radio stations and it landed me 40,000 hits to that website.

Unfortunately the site wasn’t monetized, because I was young and naïve and didn’t really know exactly what I was doing. But thankfully, since then things have changed. I’m much more proficient in internet marketing. That’s basically my very first internet marketing story.

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