IP Auto Alarm Dialer: Calls your Cell Phone using your Router

Price: $149.99
(as of Jun 29,2021 07:51:42 UTC – Details)


Connect to any Ethernet port that has internet access.

Connects to your alarm panels siren output (9VDC – 18VDC).

No further configuration required!

IP Dialing & SMS Texting is free, notify Landlines or Mobile Phones! (250 Free Dial / SMS Text Credits per year)

Send site codes, property owner contact and local police contact information.

No delay between phone calls.

Calls up to 10 numbers at the same time!

Plug and Play with an Ethernet cable with a live internet connection!

IPAutoDialer is powered and triggered by your alarm panels Siren Output. IP Auto Dialer works with any alarm panel that uses 9-18VDC Siren Output (Honeywell Vista, ADT, DSC, Etc.)

Product Specifications:

Input Voltage: 9-18VDC (Connects to Siren Output)

Boot Time: 500ms

Ethernet: 10/100 RJ-45

Power Consumption: 250mA at 12vdc

Memory Card: MicroSD (Included w/Programming Software)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q: How do I connect the IPAutoDialer to my alarm panel?

A: Most Alarm panels have a 12VDC output for controlling the siren. Use the included cable to connect your IPAutoDialer to the appropriate terminals.

Q: How do I connect IPAutoDialer to the internet?

A: IPAutoDialer will automatically configure an IP address via DHCP. If you can plug your laptop into the same cable as IPAutoDialer and get an internet connection, IPAutoDialer is ready to work!

Q: What if my internet goes down?

A: IP Auto Dialer will not be able to send any notifications without a live internet connection.

Q: Is there a monthly fee?

A: No Monthly Fees!

Q: Is Calling Cell Phones, Land-Lines or Sending Text Messages Free?

A: You get 250 Voice Dial / SMS Alarm credits per year

NO MONTHLY FEES for Voice Call and SMS Messaging when IP Alarm Dialer send you notification your Business/Home Alarm System has been set off!
VOICE DIALS AND SMS TEXTS ARE FREE and can be sent to cell phones or landlines over your existing internet connection.
NO CONFIGURATION REQUIRED, JUST PLUG INTO INTERNET connection and it will automatically configure connectivity settings.
ADD UP TO 10 PHONE NUMBERS, CELL OR LANDLINES are easily programmed over your network using your local computer.
WORKS WITH HONEYWELL VISTA, ADT, DSC and any Alarm Panel that uses 9-18VDC Siren Output.

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