Is Jeff Paul a Fraud Or the Real Deal?

There is this guy named Jeff Paul and I happen to come across this guy at home one night laying on the couch watching TV. when the late night infomercials came on.

The infomercial started out with these 2 girls saying how easy it was to make money from home with this Jeff Paul’s shortcuts to internet millions course.

They go on and on about how easy it is and then they interview other people that have purchased Jeff Paul’s course and asked them how it has changed their life and why you need to get the course to do the same as well.

At first I was skeptical at what I was seeing, but then by seeing it over and over again I thought what do I have to lose at just giving it a shot. So I bought Jeff Paul’s shortcuts to internet millions course.

About a week later the course was in the mail and I did not hesitate to jump in and get started. The course consisted of 2 audio discs and 3 discs for the computer.

I spent countless hours on trying to learn Jeff Paul’s shortcuts to internet millions. When I completed the course I had taken a lot of notes learned some ways to make money online, but no real business model to follow cause he jumped all over with loads of information.

Basically all what really happened was I learned ways of making money online like affiliate marketing, creating information products, just a lot of ideas.

This actually opened my mind up to many new things that I never even knew existed in the world. Jeff Paul did not give a step by step plan to go out and put everything together to work for me.

At this point I was trying to figure things out for myself and I was getting very frustrated, because I would call the service department and all they would try to do is up sell me on different products and coaching programs.

I was told if I wanted to make money I was going to have to buy these other products and coaching programs that I could not afford at that time.

So is Jeff Paul a scam? Some people might say he is a scam, but I feel that he over loads the information in his programs and products and never really gives a step by step process of how things work.

I feel that Jeff Paul gives you information on how to make money but never shows you how to do it. His training is not step by step and this is why most people will get very frustrated and stressed to where they will say that his shortcuts to internet millions is a scam and does not work.

Let’s cut to the chase, if you are ready to learn more about Jeff Paul and how you can create your own internet business from scratch then read and follow the instructions in the resource box now.

Source by Dave Beck

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