Jake’s Door

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Imaginative, clever, and HILARIOUS! It all started when 14-year-old comic prodigy Jake, in a burst of creativity, decided to draw daily cartoons on the whiteboard hanging on his bedroom door. His family marveled at the quality of these drawings, and when his dad posted a few snapshots of these “door comics” online…no one could have anticipated the overwhelming response! Jake now has tens of thousands of fans from all around the world, who eagerly await the next imaginative, clever, and downright hilarious comics that originate each night on JAKE’S DOOR! Bob Bly, Author, copywriter, and humorist says of Jake’s book: “I like everything about Jake’s cartoons — the easy and simple visual style, the wit, the dry sense of humor. These are wonderful cartoons, with several at New Yorker-level quality. BTW, I am the author of 100 books, and Jake is a better author at age 14 than I am at 63.”

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