January 2017 Active and Passive Income Report $8,010 Profit with My Business Online!


Would you like to see my January 2017 income, expenses, and profit with my full time business working in my bedroom as an entrepreneur teaching video courses online at https://jerrybanfield.com/ ? This includes both active income creating new classes working in my mastermind group and passive income where I have video classes I already created that make money while I sleep! Here is the data and I hope you enjoy it!

NET INCOME $8,010.

Amazon $208.
PayPal course sales $3,881.
Stripe sales $3,250.
Patreon $4,346.
Google AdSense via YouTube $1,640.
Audible audio book sales $1,279.
StackSocial video class revenue $2,317.

Advertising $2,633.
Car and truck $0.
Contract labor $4,895.
Equipment rent and lease $314.
Fees $154.
Insurance $0.
Interest paid $0.
Legal and professional services $0.
Meals and entertainment $0.
Office expenses $30.
Other business expenses $315.
Rent and lease $0.
Repairs and maintenance $0.
Supplies $0.
Taxes and licenses $278.
Travel expenses $0.
Utilities $294.

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THANKS! I appreciate you reading this and hope you have a wonderful day!

Jerry Banfield

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